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    20 People With Daniel Radcliffe Hair

    That floppy curly mop top hair is just so cute on everyone. In case you're considering a perm sometime in the near future.

    1. Darlene's Boyfriend On "Roseanne"

    2. Brian Krakow from "My So-Called Life"

    3. Napoleon Dynamite

    4. Lyle Lovett

    5. The Jesus And Mary Chain

    6. Adrian Grenier

    7. Nick Jonas

    8. Lisa Bonet

    9. Kirk Cameron

    10. Stephen Mangan

    11. Sam From "Clarissa Explains It All"

    12. That Guy Who Plays Dan Humphrey

    13. Sheena Easton

    14. Rihanna

    15. Meg Ryan At One Point

    16. Kramer

    17. Young Michael Stipe

    18. Jesse Eisenberg

    19. Bob Dylan

    20. Young Johnny Depp