14 Mac Hacks That Will Change The Way You Use Your Computer

    These life-changing shortcuts are RIGHT AT YOUR FINGERTIPS.

    1. Use Command + Shift + V to paste text without formatting.

    2. If you need to type a special character, the easiest way is to hold down the letter and a character menu will pop up.

    3. Place your mouse cursor over any text and press Command + Control + D to get an informative pop-up menu.

    4. Use Command + Delete to delete a file instead of dragging it into the trash can.

    5. Invert the colors of your screen to make it easier to read if you're sitting outside in the sun.

    6. The "Purge" command will free up memory when your computer starts to feel sluggish.

    7. Get the date to show up in the menubar with just a simple checkbox embedded in your System Preferences.

    8. If you have a couple different audio output sources that you toggle between, click Option + Volume Icon to get an input/output menu.

    9. To get the volume or brightness to your exact preference, you can fine tune the settings in smaller increments by adding Shift + Option.

    10. When restarting your computer, keep it from making that notorious startup sound by holding down the mute button.

    11. Along the same lines, press Shift + the volume button to turn the volume up or down without making noise.

    12. Did you know that the Preview application provides a handy way to sign forms from your computer? No fax or scanner needed.

    13. You can select any text, right-click on it, and TWEET IT with one click.

    14. If you just converted to PC from Mac, this little shortcut will let you keep using the delete button the way you're used to.

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