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    12 Space-Saving Bike Rack Solutions

    It's about time you started hanging your bicycle on the wall like a civilized person instead of letting it clutter up that hallway. Here are some DIY options, as well as some very nice looking bike racks you can purchase if you've got the budget for it.

    1. Bike Rack/Book Shelf

    Comes in hickory and walnut. $299 from Knife and Saw.

    2. Or You Can Get a Copy Cat One for A Little Cheaper...

    This one's $149 from Etsy.

    3. Wall-Mounted Bike Rack

    Made from reclaimed wood. $95 from Etsy.

    4. Oblong Bike Shelf Equipped with U-Lock

    5. Tamasine Osher Pedal Pod!__pedal-pod

    You gotta pay for the design-y stuff. This one's $887 from Tamasine Osher.

    6. Michelangelo Two-Bike Gravity Stand


    Here's a DIY bike rack made from: wood plaques, hooks, spray paint, book tags, wood stain, a drill, a stud finder, hammer and nails, level, measuring tape, and countersink. Full tutorial here.

    8. DIY Bike Rack Fashioned From Old Handle Bars

    Click here for the full tutorial.


    Here's a double bike rack made from a Stolmen post ($30), 2 brackets, and 4 hooks, all from IKEA. Click here for the full tutorial.

    10. Suspended Cable Bike Rack

    Apartment Therapy does their best to figure out what exactly is going on here.

    11. Easiest, Cheapest Bike Rack Ever

    12. DIY Hanging Bike Rack for Multiple Bikes

    There's not much info on the blog that posted this, but you might be able to figure something like this out judging from the photos. Not a very pretty solution, but still practical for a garage.

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