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13 Celebs And Their Adorable Adopted Pups

Anyone can own a dog, but it takes a special type of person to adopt one. Take a look at some adorable pups and their celebrity parents. And to make a difference and adopt a pup of your own, check out PEDIGREE® Woofer.

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2. Thurmen Murmen (Adopted by Rachel Bilson)

Alfredo Guzman / Getty Images

Rachel Bilson's got tons of love for all of her pups. And over the years, she's taken in quite a few of them from rescue centers, but her most loyal companion remains the darling Thurman Merman.

5. Wink (Adopted by Selma Blair)

Mike Fanous / Getty Images

Selma Blair is one actress who chose to adopt her best friend. Selma also has a passion for animal advocacy. She's also a regular volunteer at the Lange Foundation in L.A. where she helps care for injured and disabled pups.

7. Sidi (Adopted by Orlando Bloom)

J. Michael Arnoldi / Getty Images

While filming “The Kingdom of Heaven,” Orlando Bloom also found his best friend. He adopted a black Saluki mix while he was in Africa and the dog has stayed by his side since.

8. Poppy & Ruby (Adopted by Sandra Bullock)

Eric Ford / Getty Images

Sandra Bullock is another celebrity who has elected to adopt her dogs from rescue groups and shelters. So far, her clan includes Poppy, a tripod, and Ruby, a two-legged Chihuahua (both shown above).

9. Pixie (Adopted by Wynonna Judd)

Mark Mainz / Getty Images

Wynonna Judd, a huge supporter of animal adoption, shares her Nashville ranch with her numerous best friends, including Pixie, a Rat Terrier who suffers from arthritis. Judd adopted Pixie from Animal Haven in New York City in May 2003 while she was helping promote National Arthritis Month.

10. Einstein (Adopted by George Clooney)

David Klein / Getty Images

Clooney may not be ready to settle down with a lady, but that doesn't mean he's not ready to commit to a furry friend. Clooney's recently adopted hound Einstein has totally won over his heart.

11. Charlie (Adopted by Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne)

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

Sharon Osbourne met her rescue pup Charlie at a charity auction to benefit Holly's HollyRod Foundation. Not only did Charlie find a great home, but he also raised over $10k for Autism. Double win!

13. George (Adopted by Ryan Gosling)

Theo Wargo / Getty Images

What's sexier than adopting a dog? Ryan gosling adopting a dog. This heart-throb adopted his shaggy dog George when he saw him at the Los Angeles Pound in 2000.