20 Adorable Dogs Looking For Love

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1. Juno

Just look at that face! Seriously, just look at it!

2. Margaret

Maraget really wants you to throw her a bone!

3. Otto

Otto is a beautiful dog, inside and out. He loves playing with people and other animals.

4. Freddy

Freddy’s hobbies include long walks on the beach, fetching bones and cuddling up on the couch.

5. Ollie

Ollie is one fashionable pooch.

6. Mandy

Mandy is so beautiful and can’t wait to have a good home.

7. Dover

Dover is a sweet and energetic boy. Loves to play and have fun.

8. Rigley

Rigley’s a big boy, which means there’s even more to love!

9. Lola

Little Lola hanging out at the Park ‘N Bark charity car show!

10. Balto

Balto to the rescue. He loves to be affectionate and play.

11. Cabo

With his bright red bandana, Cabo just can’t wait to take YOU on a walk.

12. Bella

Bella loves having a lap to lay in! She is good with other dogs and kids!

13. Ruby

Ruby is a fur ball of love. Sweet and quiet, she’ll be a great addition to your home.

14. Kory

Kory is a lovable guy and can’t wait for his new home.

15. Claudia

This bubbly little girl just can’t wait to find a loving home!

16. Oprah

Come hang out with Oprah! She’s a sweet lady.

17. Harley

Harley is a beautiful and graceful guy.

18. Lulu Bell

Lulu Bell is a charmer. Once you see her, you’re hooked. Sweet and playful, perfect for any family.

19. Marley

Marley loves walks and play time! A great family dog.

20. Toby

Toby is seeking a forever family. Fun and playful, he’ll have the whole family smiling.

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