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Prepare To Enter The Lion's Den

What in the heck is The Lion's Den? Oh you don't know how long I've waited for you to ask that question. Allow me to enlighten you - follow me down 'here.'

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Guards, Lower Him Down!

*Raises hand*

Present!…you wouldn’t miss a single day of class either if you knew half of what it took to get here - 2 semesters away from proclaiming myself as an alumnus of THE UNC Charlotte. When you look the way I do that’s nothing short of a miracle. I’m what they call African-American, and the countless number of obstacles I’ve faced for the past 21 years just complement the melanin. Domestic violence may complement your relationship. Racial disparities may complement your socioeconomic status. Low self-esteem may complement your body composition. Tag along for the journey and you too can make it out of your lion’s den.”

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