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    Valentine's Day Isn't Just For Those In A Relationship, So Here Are 15 Ways To Celebrate Being Single

    Turn that frown upside down and celebrate your awesomeness. 💕

    Whether you enjoy being single or not, Valentine’s Day is a reminder of your relationship status, or rather, lack thereof. You can approach it a few ways: 1) ignore it completely, 2) force yourself to go on a date, or 3) make it a special day to celebrate yourself.

    I highly recommend option three. Taking time for yourself isn’t easy, but it’s important. Make Valentine’s Day the "Self-Love Day" needed to fill your cup and get all the love you deserve! And who better to get that love from than yourself?

    Here are 15 fun ways to embrace your singlehood on Valentine's Day:

    1. Get a massage!

    2. Buy yourself something you want but don’t need!

    3. Host a singles party!

    4. Volunteer!

    5. Celebrate your friendships!

    6. Try a new activity!

    7. Put pen to paper and create a "love yourself" challenge!

    8. Go to a bar you’ve never been to!

    9. Make a promise to yourself!

    10. Indulge in your favorite meal!

    11. Go to a comedy club or watch a stand-up show online!

    12. Pamper yourself!

    13. Dance for 30 minutes!

    14. Make a list of everything you love about being single!

    15. Organize!

    Chances are you won’t be single forever, so now is the time to spend the day your way and celebrate your singlehood. Being single isn’t a bad thing and sometimes you need a reminder about how awesome you truly are!

    Use Valentine’s Day to give love, receive love, and always remember the importance of self-love.