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13 Reasons To Join Peace Corps

Do you really need 13 reasons to join the Peace Corps? Just one should suffice, "It's the toughest job you'll ever love." If you do need more than one reason, here are 13 more.

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3. ... Including some great food.

Peace Corps

Try new foods, taste local delicacies and learn how to cook regional dishes. Not to mention, you get to shock your parents during your next phone call home; “I ate grilled ____ today!”

5. Now you can choose a country or assignment.

Peace Corps

Want to put your college French classes to good use or pursue your passion for teaching? The excuse, “well, I won’t be able to choose were I serve” doesn’t fly anymore.

6. Learning a new language is awesome and saves you money.

Peace Corps

During service you'll learn to speak another language and discover the more fluent you are, the easier it is to bargain. The better you bargain the more money you save. … Just sayin’.

7. You will get the chance to meet some amazing people.

Peace Corps

Village leaders, young entrepreneurs, government workers, civil society leaders, athletes. Widen your circle farther than you ever imagined.

9. Career skills. Career skills. Career skills.

Peace Corps

Just memorize this phrase: As an independent self-starter with extensive cross-cultural understanding and leadership experience, I am accustomed to working with limited resources to produce measurable and significant results. You’re welcome!

10. You’ll gain a new understanding of finances.

Peace Corps

You won’t get paid much, but you sure know how to make $100 last for weeks. And when you return to America, you'll want to reuse EVERYTHING.

13. You just might find a new passion.

Maybe being a doctor isn’t your thing anymore. Now you’re a development manager for a small non-profit specializing in eco-rehabilitation in a Sub-Saharan Africa. Hey, it could happen!