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8 PC Optimum™ Tips That Will Help You Score Some Major Points In 2022

Sorry, it's that easy?

Did you know that in 2021, PC Optimum members earned a total of 990 billion PC Optimum™ points?* Don’t refresh the page, you read that right — 990 billion! Looking to get in on the action so you can start saving and racking them up too? Check out these insider hacks:

1. Become a PC Optimum™ Member — hello!

pyramid with "pc optimum members" on the top

2. Tap into the app.

3. Gorgeous, gorgeous people get access to gorgeous, gorgeous exclusive offers.

graphic of woman explaining how she got her dyson hair dryer with points

4. Save your offers for a rainy day (or a rainy week).

5. Ready, set, mark your calendar for Points Days.

tweet that says it's just me and my pc optimum points against the world

6. Pool your points.

tweet that says "didn't think my relationship could get better but today me and brynn merged pc optimum points cards and now we are collecting points together

7. Set someone to “earn only” in your Household.

graphic of person sleeping with text "how i sleep knowing i redeemed all of the family points on myself"

8. Collect points to give back to the community.

9. Never forget to load your PC Optimum™ offers.

person holding their app up

Start stacking those points in 2022 by downloading the PC Optimum™ app, featuring exclusive deals and point offers just for you.

*Based on data pulled from January 1- November 30, 2021.