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Finals Stress

Finals are coming in less than two weeks for most and it can be very stressful. So here are a some stress relievers to help get through. *Results May Vary*

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1. Play Music!

Turn up the tunes and play your favorite genre, artists, songs. Music is such a great stress relief and can even be played while studying.

2. Squeaky Clean!

Take a nice long hot shower or even bath and add some extras. Have those tunes playing, get a nice scrub, and if you're using the bathtub, I hear those bath bombs and jellies are wonders!

3. Activities!

Could go out or stay in and do some fun activities whether alone or with someone, friends or family. Arts & Crafts, working out, see a movie, play with your pet, etc. For those who may not have a pet, could visit a shelter or pet store.

4. Social Media!

Maybe a little Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, or even Buzzfeed (hint hint) may help relieve some of that stress.

5. Kitchen Fun!

A fun activity that will also be fun to eat afterwards is either cooking or baking. Get in that kitchen and bake some cookies to go with that milk, or cook up some delicious steaks and some nice vegetables.

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