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15 Things We've Learned From The New Trailer For The Last Jedi Trailer

The Last Jedi's second and last trailer is here! What can we learn from it about the movie?

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The new trailer for Star Wars The Last Jedi has dropped! This is how I feel.


How many times have you watched it already? 10? 20? Let's break it down to see what we can learn from it! WARNING, SPOILERS AHEAD!

2. Luke is scared of Rey's Force... And has PTSD


In fact, Luke is so impressed with Rey's Force that he's scared... She reminds him of Kylo Ren. It could explain why he wants the Jedi to end: he doesn't believe in the Light Side to control the Force.

3. Kylo Ren will be part of the invasion to Crait


We can see Kylo Ren's ship flying in Crait in front of First Order AT-ATs. Next, Kylo is walking inside what looks like a cave. He's probably looking for something that has special powers in Crait.

6. Rey visits the Force Tree to see the Journal of Whills


The Force Tree is one of the sources of the Jedi Order. A series of books is there, of which the most important is the Journal of Whills. We can confirm now that Rey will see it.

7. Rey's Cave experience includes jumping into water and a session with his master


This is strongly reminiscent of The Empire Strikes Back, when Luke sees himself in Vader's helmet in the Dagobah cave. Will Rey also discover what happened with her family?

8. The Ice Foxes are really cute


We saw them in the featurette a couple of months ago, but this is the first time we see them in action, escaping what looks like the First Order's invasion in Crait!

10. Leia is concerned... and 11. The Resistance base is indeed in Crait!


Leia is clearly concerned. This look doesn't seem like it's justified by a simple invasion of the First Order. She's concerned about something else... Is it because of the dangers of her potential daughter... Rey?

13. Snoke is real... And it looks like he's human-sized


In the first trailer, Snoke was a huge hologram, so it was hard to know his size. It was even hard to know whether he was human or not—although Star Wars novels have a clue about it... Here, he definitely looks like a human!

14. His prize is none other than Rey


Like the Emperor with Anakin and Luke in The Empire Strikes Back, Snoke seems to be more interested in Rey than in Kylo Ren. More interestingly, he's stating that Rey should fulfill her destiny. What's that destiny? Will he turn her to the Dark Side?

15. And Rey... is looking for guidance! But from whom?


It looks like she's asking for Guidance from Kylo Ren... but is she really? The light on her face is completely one-sided and doesn't flicker, whereas Kylo Ren's is a bit more uniform and flickers. Is Rian Johnson playing games with our brains?

Source of all theories: The Star Wars Rings

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