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Instagram Was Filled With One Girl In A Swimsuit And Twitter Was Filled With Hilarious Commentary On The Whole Thing

In case you are one of the 1% without an Instagram, or an employee who actually stays off your phone, you should know about SunnyCo Clothing's GiveAway today

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SunnyCo Clothing is a California based company run by the Sunny Boys, who boast about being "more than just a clothing company. We want to be a company that listens to every single customers wants and needs"

... and listen to their customers, they did. Everyone loves a good giveaway, especially with Summer coming quick, and SunnyCo Clothing came out with an incredible giveaway for this swimsuit

So naturally, Instagram went crazy, and Twitter had some comments to make about it all

Everyone girl this summer in their Sunny Co Clothing suit

You know what rhymes with gullible? Free bathing suit from sunny co clothing

99% of my Instagram feed is that girl in the red bathing suit #OverIt 🙂

Why is my whole Instagram the same girl in a red bathing suit

Here was SunnyCo's disclaimer on the unbelievable popularity of the giveaway:

"Due to the viral volume of participants, we reserve the right to cap the promotion if deemed necessary."

Sunny co clothing after seeing how much people shared their swim suit picture ...

SunnyCo Clothing is the Fyre Festival of swimsuit brands rn

When you posted the picture and tagged Sunny Co Clothing but still don't get your free swimsuit

Sunny Co Clothing is Michael and all you girls on insta are Scott's Tots Y'all not getting your suits

But we also need to applaud the Marketing Campaign of 2017 y'all let's be real

Sunny Co Clothing's marketing team today:

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