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10 Tips To Step Up Your Valentine's Day Creativity

Ready or not—Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Instead of opting for the store-bought Valentine’s Day card, why not express your affections by designing a DIY card (or graphic to proclaim your love on social media) that is just as one-of-a-kind as your special someone?

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Don’t worry! If the thought of making your own Valentine’s Day card has you feeling like this…


We have 10 tips to spark your creative juices that will have your sweetheart feeling like…


1. Add Some Handwritten Flair


There’s nothing more romantic than a handwritten note. Add some flair to your love letter with beautiful hand lettering.

2. Use Your Love as Your Muse


Crop in a cute selfie of you and your beau for a totally personalized valentine.

3. Think Beyond the 5x7


Try a different fold for your own unique spin on Valentine’s this year.

4. Be Pun-believable


I love you a latte. You’re just my type! Orange you glad we became friends? You know what we meme…

5. Make it Millennial


Share a favorite TV show or movie with your bae? Mutual love for all things Beyoncé? Keep it fresh with the pop culture you love the most.

6. Let the Templates Guide You


Not the artist? Can’t draw a heart for your life? You can still be creative with ready-made templates to save time and still impress your valentine.

7. Experiment with Mediums


Don’t be afraid to leverage mixed media for your ultimate valentine creation. Gold foil, washi tape, glitter – the skies the limit!

8. Go Old School


They don’t make valentines like they used to. Bring back the cheeky humor from the love notes that started it all to show your significant other how much you care.

9. Remix Your Colors


Step outside of the red and pink adorned box of Valentine’s Day. Choose the colors that suit your artistic palette and express the full meaning and depth of your true love.

10. Make it Move

At a loss for what to say? Design a GIF that says a 1,000 words. And it’s pretty easy to make an animated GIF on Photoshop.

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