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Things to Never Say to an Artist

Everyone's always trying to get free stuff from artists. Watch us turn the tables in "Things Never to Say to an Artist.” Share this with a creative person who should never sell themself short!

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Things to Never Say to an Artist - Paul Richmond Studio

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Every artist has been in this position before - someone reaches out to you and says they love your work and want to buy or commission something. Your heart starts to flutter, especially if you are relatively new to the art profession and/or desperate to pay off a mountain of student loans. You begin to imagine a future of fame and fortune in the art world. But then suddenly, this bubble bursts when your potential patron utters something from the "Things to Never to Say to an Artist" list. It would almost be hilarious if wasn't so sad. The common thread on the "what not to say" list is that these statements always involve trying to get artists to sell themselves short - sometimes even for free! In this fun little comedy sketch with my friend, talented watercolor painter Corinn Hillstrom, we take the list of artistic annoyances to the street and test them out on real people. And the results are hilarious! We did this silly prank to help art makers and art appreciators recognize that creative work has value - and because I love random jokes!

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