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    10 Cool Stuff About Aquaman's New Trailer

    An extended trailer for Aquaman just dropped. Here's 10 stuff we like.

    There is a lot more color for a DC movie

    Warner Bros Pictures / YouTube / Via

    The trailer is very different from the dark and gloomy aura of previous DCU films, it feels more sunny and airy. Maybe that Deadpool joke about DCU being so dark just rubbed off...

    And some comedy?!?

    Warner Bros Pictures / YouTube / Via

    Disregarding the fact that Aquaman and Mera journeyed to the middle of the desert and forgot water of all things, that pee joke was funny. A sign that DCU films are stepping in the same direction as their MCU friends in terms of using a lot more humor in their films. But seriously, nobody brought water in the desert?

    There is a giant crab! I repeat, there is a giant crab!

    Warner Bros Pictures / YouTube / Via

    Imagine all the rangoons you can make with that...

    Black Manta

    Warner Bros Pictures / YouTube / Via

    That dude in the menacing suit that enters the fray in dubstep music is Black Manta, an arch enemy of Aquaman in the comics. Aside from being super strong and fast, he's also able to shoot rays from those bug-like eyes.

    Queen Atlanna is a badass

    Warner Bros Pictures / YouTube / Via

    One of the most awesome parts of the trailer was seeing Nicole Kidman kick ass. She plays Queen Atlanna in the film, but holy shit, Nicole Kidman kicks ass!

    Rooftop chase!

    Warner Bros Pictures / YouTube / Via

    What's not to like about terracotta tiles flinging and church bells exploding while running on rooftops because a bug-eyed dude with optic blasts is trying to kill you?

    A roaring shark...

    Warner Bros Pictures / YouTube / Via

    Why not have one of those roaring sharks as well?

    Dolph Lungren

    Warner Bros Pictures / YouTube / Via

    Digging the teal, sir.


    Warner Bros Pictures / YouTube / Via

    You got mermen mermaids, dudes in bug-eyed suits, giant crabs, seahorses, roaring sharks, a lobster, manta rays, octopi, and the throne on the line. Absolute chaos. Noice.

    Classic Aquaman Suit

    Warner Bros Pictures / YouTube / Via

    This is the money shot right here. Arthur Curry going from Scandinavian fisherman to wielding the trident and wearing the classic orange and green Aquaman costume as king of Atlantis.

    Check out the new Aquaman trailer.

    View this video on YouTube
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