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    My Top 10 WTF Things After The Riverdale Time Jump

    Mmmm sweet, sweet, Riverdale! Season 5 has been a whole new experience and I don't really know what to think about it. SO, while we wait for the new episodes coming in August... Let's take a look at my personal favorite WTF things after the time jump!

    1. Yes... Now We Have Aliens...

    Welcome To An Ordinary Day Here At Riverdale!
    The CW

    I mean... are we supposed to be surprised at this point of life? Yeah we are not. But I still wonder what goes through Roberto's and the rest of the writers heads. Even though I don't think this light actually comes from an alien ship and at the end of the season there are not going to be legit aliens... It is still fun to see how we've come from "who killed Jason" to "now we have aliens". As a Riverdale fan, I like to tell my non Riverdale fans all about the show. One day, one of them asked me if they were aliens at the show as a joke... But I responded to him like: "yeah.. they actually are..." His WTF face but not surprised face said it all. So who knows?! Maybe there are going to be real aliens after all; and of course I'm going to be at first row watching it.

    2. How Old Is Nana Rose Again?

    The CW

    God I don't really know her age but she clearly hasn't aged in the last seven years . If I used to believe that she was close to death back in season 4... Now I got to say that she might be immortal after all?! Honestly I'm all in. This is Riverdale after all.

    3. The Mothmen

    The CW

    Back to the aliens! Ok, so these supposed aliens are called the Mothmen... Yeah so I'll just leave that there... But the two things that shocked me, are the fact that they've been at Riverdale since the 70's but they just randomly decided to come back after our lovely time jump? What can I say, maybe these guys are friendly and they just came back to get the crew back together! Hey, but how is that no one literally knew about the Mothmen?! Hello? They were aliens at your town and you didn't know? Second thing, why is there an alien corpse at a maple barrel? Short answer, this is Riverdale.

    4. The Trash Bag Killer

    The CW / Via

    If this Glen guy isn't the Trash Bag Killer... then I don't know who it is. But can we please take a moment to reflect on what kind of alias is Trash Bag Killer?! Who put you that name man? With a name like that, you can't expect us to be scared, specially in a town like Riverdale. At least TBK (short for his name) is not that bad. If Glen is not him... then I hope is Chadwick.

    5. The Twins Finally Grew Up

    The CW

    I can't believe they're not babies any longer! To be honest, if Juniper and Dagwood had stayed as babies after the time jump, I would have been less surprised. Dropped my jaw at this one.


    The CW

    Yes, so it actually happened! At 05x06, Archie was telling Jughead about how there was no equipment for the Bulldogs. Jughead as a response said that he would ask Tabitha for Pop's to sponsore the Bulldogs as long as he promised to never brig up the epic highs and lows of high school football. When I tell you I had a mini heart attack, I had a mini heart attack. Thank you Riverdale writers for making fun of your own cringey lines!

    7. Charles and Chic Rocking That Orange Jumpsuit At Their Wedding

    The CW

    Of course we all know that if you are at prison with your fiance and there is an explosion; the first thing you do is go back to your mom's house so she can marry you asap! Charles and Chic were not the exception! Who doesn't want a wedding wearing the prisons' uniform after all?! Still, it is a wft moment... but quite a cute one if I'm honest. Too bad the wedding was ruined smh.

    8. Jughead's New Tattoos

    The CW

    Yeah ok, the tattoos are not as relevant at the other stuff on my list but I still wanted to mention them. Look at them! The big one on his chest... I... I'm just gonna say that they don't really give me a Jughead vibe...

    9. Archie's House On Fire (Sight)

    The CW

    What is Riverdale without a house on fire? Not the show we all have learned to love. Season 5 could not be the exception of a house on fire; but this time we got Archie's house! But what really impressed me was not the fire itself, but the house after the fire. Just a little bit of ashes and a low key burned door and that's it. Nothing that a new layer of paint can't solve! Yeah, I think we all need an Archie as a firefighter tbh.

    10. This Whole Trucker's Mystery

    The CW

    Well, well, well. I think we are at this point where the Riverdale writers don't know what kind of new mystery bring to us. So yeah! Let's enjoy the truckers that chase young women at a lonely highway! And who knows? Maybe the drivers are the Mothmen... SO! Don't miss the new episodes coming up August 11! I really need to find out what is going to happen with all the new story lines.

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