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Are Gifts And Money Really Required To Verify Ones Love For Another?


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Are Gifts And Money Really Required To Verify Ones Love For Another?

Love can't be measured with money!

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The first thing that comes to mind when you hear Valentine’s Day being mentioned is money! And we should all realise by now that it’s just another day for businesses to capitalise on our Struggles.

So why do we stress out so much about buying a friend or lover a gift. You’d think after generations of celebrating the holiday we would have adapted to the stressful times, Well Some of us have! But we few are what most of you people (ladies) would call stingy or tight.

I don’t like the level of expectation that surrounds Valentine’s Day as I’m sure most of us agree. You are frowned upon if you don’t spend. To those people, I say mind your own business.

In my opinion its easier for girls to look forward to the day, thinking ‘’ I can’t wait to see where I’ll be taken this year’’ or ‘’ what presents will I get’’, well don’t get too excited. I will ask to all members of the opposite sex that you pity and understand us men, us protectors and hopeless romantics because we just don’t have enough brain power to evaluate the situation hence we all go into panic mode and never return with what we intended to buy for a gift.

Before I proceed I must admit to the masculine readers that I will not be providing a solution to your relationship and marital problems, but I’m 90% sure most of us are on the same page.

So, let’s get to the point!

As a gentleman, I take great pleasure in providing such thoughtful and lovely gifts for the women in my life, but as usual my wallet tends to disagree. Besides what our wallet’s or purses may scream to us, I think it’s best we all come to an understanding and realise we don’t have to spend the amount we do to reinvigorate our relationships.

Purchasing gifts is not what makes valentine’s day. Spending time with a lover or lover to be is all it takes to make the day won. Cuddles, compliments, going walks, watching movie marathons and making breakfast in bed is what I call a Valentine’s day. Not a penny spent and I’m a winner.

In other words, for the tight/stingy people, make good use of the resources around you.

But all this isn’t a deterrent to stop you buying chocolates or flowers, those are some of the best gifts to buy. Just don’t go mad with your wallet and go on a spending spree buying trainers for £200 or a Car worth 50k, Slight exaggeration but I think you understand.

My answer to the question is no. you do not need money to win a person’s affection.

To the men, I say be more creative.

To the women, I say don’t expect the man to do all the spending (Not everyone does it) but not to say you ladies don’t experience the same levels of stress, but it is a two-way street.

The moral of the story is no money in the world can buy a person’s love, love can only be earned and felt when you gaze into another’s eyes.

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