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13 Dance Moves For Every Holiday Scenario

Don't have a signature move? We've got you covered. Celebrate this year's #PatronWorthy moments the right way with Patrón and your dance pants.

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1. The "Post-Dinner Second Wind"

2. The "Running Into Your Old Flame at the Bar"

The Factory / Via

3. The "I Got the Exact Gift I Was Hoping to Get"

4. The "Hooray, Everything's on Sale"

5. The "Here Comes Dessert"

6. The "No One's in the Office, Let's Blast Some Tunes"

Cineriz / Interopa Film / Via

7. The "No, Grandma, I Haven't Found Someone to Marry Yet"

NBC Universal / SNL / Via

8. The "We Look More Stylish Than Everyone at This Party" / Malcom McLaren / Via

9. The "I've Caught Up on All My TV Shows"

Royal Opera House / / Via

10. The "I've Been Working Out All Year, Have You Noticed?"

British Pathe / Via

11. The "Whole Squad Just Walked In"

12. The "Roommates Are on Vacation"

13. And the "Should've Checked the Forecast This Morning"

From EDM to hip-hop, this #PatronWorthy Holiday House Party playlist will make any party as fresh as your dance moves, no matter the occasion.