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    Here Are The First Images Of The Thai Soccer Team Since Their Dramatic Rescue

    Doctors said there were no physical or mental health concerns with any of the boys.

    The boys' soccer team who spent more than two weeks trapped in a flooded cave in Thailand until a huge rescue operation freed them are in good physical and mental health, according to doctors.

    In a video released by the Thai authorities, the 12 boys can be seen sitting in their beds in the hospital in Chang Rai. They are wearing face masks but appear to be in good spirits.

    VIDEO of the #thamluang #thaicaverescue boys in hospital - distributed by the Thai Government’s Incident Command Press Centre - has been released. Wow.

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    The boys lost an average of 2kg (4.4 lbs) of weight each while inside, but remarkably showed no other signs of stress or illness, apart from three who have shown signs of pneumonia and one has a cut leg, according to Thongchai Lertwilairattanapong, an inspector with Thailand's health department. All the boys have been given rabies and tetanus injections.

    They will nevertheless spend at least a week in hospital to be monitored.

    #ThamLuang: 1st four boys recovering well. Chest x-ray shows better condition. 2nd group of 4 boys to receive visit by parents today. All remaining 5 didn't have low temperatures when they arrived, only one has signs of pneumonia: Medical team at Chiang Rai Prachanukroh Hospital

    A diver told AFP earlier on Wednesday that the boys were passed through the caves on stretchers and at some points they managed to fall asleep.

    Also on Wednesday, the boys' parents visited them in hospital and were said to be overwhelmed by emotion.

    Wild Boars' parents visit them at Chiang Rai hospital Wed afternoon, overwhelmed by emotions. Many wave to their children, some cry. Doctor confirms everyone is healthy. So are Thai SEALs