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How To Remove Calluses On Feet

There are so many skin problems we face in our daily life. The most used part of our body is the feet. We give the whole-body force on them, and that is why special care needed for our feet. In everyday life, sometimes we face some major issues on our feet. One of the common problem for both men and women is the calluses on feet. If we are don't concern about this, it can make walking painful. This is hard and thickened areas of skin that form because of friction, rubbing, or pressure on the skin. Read more here about the problem. Here I am sharing some remedies to get rid of Calluses on feet.

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1. Use Epsom Salt for Relief / Via

This is a simple method to remove calluses from the skin. You will find Epsom salt in the cosmetic shops that give a better result. Take a bowl and pour some water in it to soak your feet. Mix some Epsom salt with the water and keep your feet for 10 minutes in this water. For better result, you can use some warm water. After 10 minutes, rinse the feet with cold water. This will make it easy to remove the calluses with the pumice stone.

2. Onion and Vinegar

You will be surprised that onion has amazing effect on the calluses. Take a piece of onion from your home. Slice them to apply. Soak them for half an hour before you are using in the affected area. Now keep the slices in the feet and wrap them with socks. Sleep with those onion slices and move them in the morning. Apply the pumice stone to remove the dead skin cells. You can do the same thing with vinegar. Use some vinegar in the skin and sleep overnight wearing socks. Remove the dead cells in the morning.

3. Use Olive Oil / Via

Olive oil is not only good for health but also for the skin. If you have olive oil in your kitchen, you can use it to get rid of calluses. Olive oil an inexpensive element for a better result. Just apply the olive oil to the skin and massage smoothly to make the calluses soft. Now you can use a pumice stone to remove the dead cells.

4. Baking Soda

This is a common thing in the kitchen. You can use baking soda to remove calluses from your feet. There is no need of additional things for this remedy. Make a paste of baking soda to apply in the affected area. Mix some water in the baking soda and make the paste to apply in the calluses area. You can also use directly in the water to soak your feet in this. For better result, massage on the area to loosen calluses and corns.

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