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What's Your Funniest, Most Embarrassing Experience Involving Sex And Hair?

"Is that hair gel? Great! I could use some."

Hair is pretty. Sex is fun. But sometimes hair and sex DO NOT mix.

Maybe you tried a kinky new move with your mane and failed.

Or perhaps you reallllly went to town and got some pube floss in the process?

Was the hair that you bought and paid for accidentally pulled off in a fit of passion?

When Troy yanked Coco's wig off, I fucking HOLLERED! Been there.

@smilleesims / Via Twitter: @smilleesims

Or were you caught walking around with a bunch of jizz in your lovely locks?

Tell us your wildest, funniest, most embarrassing hair + sex horror stories via the DropBox below — and don't be shy with the details, ya'll! Your story could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video!