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What's Your Funniest, Most Embarrassing Experience Involving Sex And Hair?

"Is that hair gel? Great! I could use some."

Hair is pretty. Sex is fun. But sometimes hair and sex DO NOT mix.

Brye Ashley / Via

Maybe you tried a kinky new move with your mane and failed.

Cosmopolitan / Via

Or perhaps you reallllly went to town and got some pube floss in the process?

CBS / Via

Was the hair that you bought and paid for accidentally pulled off in a fit of passion?

When Troy yanked Coco's wig off, I fucking HOLLERED! Been there.

@smilleesims / Via Twitter: @smilleesims

Or were you caught walking around with a bunch of jizz in your lovely locks?

20th Century Fox / Via

Tell us your wildest, funniest, most embarrassing hair + sex horror stories via the DropBox below — and don't be shy with the details, ya'll! Your story could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video!