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What's Your Worst Tampon Horror Story?

"You basically have a cotton finger stuck up your vagina."

Tampons are definitely clutch in certain moments.

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Like when you go swimming, wear fancy dresses or don't wanna walk around feeling like you're wearing a diaper.

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But let's keep it real. Those little f*ckers can also be THE WORST.

@sweetchloe_ / Via Twitter: @sweetchloe_

Like when they just up and vacate your vagina because they've decided they wanna explore the world and stuff.

@DevilDawg11 / Via Twitter: @DevilDawg11

There's also the whole being shoved deep inside your vagina thing.

@kristenjulianna / Via Twitter: @kristenjulianna

God forbid you forget how long you've had it in and you're forced to choose between freebleeding or toxic shock because you don't have a backup.

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Because Toxic Shock Syndrome is REAL, ya'll.

Or maybe you just forgot you had one in, period.

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Pun definitely intended.

If you've ever worn a tampon, chances are you have a tampon horror story...And we wanna hear it!

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Share your funniest, grossest, most embarrassing story in the comment section below and it could appear in a future BuzzFeed post!

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