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    This Mom Dyed Her Toddler's Hair Hot Pink And We're So Here For It

    Mom goals AF.

    Meet Charity Grace and her adorbs daughter City. We'll give you a few minutes to take in all this fabulousness.

    Charity's popular Instagram page is chock-full of adorable family moments, but a recent clip of her dyeing City's hair pink definitely takes the cake at more than 1.2 million views.

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    City's hair is a natural blonde, so no bleach or harsh chemicals were needed to achieve this look.

    The two-year-old had been asking her mom to dye her hair pink for weeks, when Charity finally agreed to it last month.

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    "I did a lot of online research and couldn't find anything negative with [the vegan semi-permanent hair dye] Manic Panic," Charity told BuzzFeed. "In fact, I found several reviews by moms who were raving about it, so I decided it was safe."

    I mean, how could you NOT want to experiment with hair color when your mom's got such majestic mermaid hair? And, more importantly, how could you say no to this face?

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    The video did draw some criticisms from those who questioned the dye's safety. But the general consensus seemed to be: that adorbs face + those pink strands = all the hair goals.

    "No one knows a child better than a parent," Charity said. "So if you think your child is ready and wants it, then research your products and go for it!"

    Well. We've got only one word for City: WERKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!

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    "I think parents can use opportunities like this to teach their kids to stand up for what they love and be themselves, despite what people might pressure as the 'norm,'" Charity said.

    The pink washed out after a few days, so City's already got her mind set on a new hue—blue, like her mama and grandma ofc!

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    "This time she asked if she could have blue!" Charity said. " When I asked her why, she said, 'So I can have bluuu hurr wike you, Mommy!' My heart just literally melted!"


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