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People Love What Rihanna's Makeup Company Did For A Woman Who Thought Her Lips Were "Too Big" For Red Lipstick

"The #FENTYBEAUTY sisterhood is real!!

Hey, world. Meet Grace Boye aka Naa Atswei. She's a 20-year-old college student from California, and...sorry but I forgot what I was gonna say next ’cause her perfect selfie's got me SHOOK.

Grace admired the gorgeous red lip, but admitted that she wasn't sure if she could pull it off. "I want to try this out soo bad," she wrote in the comment section. "I've been told red doesn't suit lips are too big."

To Grace's surprise, tho, she received TONS of encouraging replies from Instagram users, including Fenty Beauty itself!

@fentybeauty / Via

The brand assured her that "this red is for everyone" and then reposted a screenshot of the convo, adding the caption "The #FENTYBEAUTY sisterhood is real!! We ❤️ ya’ll." The heartwarming post has 97,290 likes and counting.

Grace told BuzzFeed that she's extra self-conscious because she's been bullied about her gap teeth and full lips since kindergarten. "I think maybe that's one reason why my comment got so much attention, because a lot of girls can relate to it," she said. "I've been getting messages from girls telling me they went through the same thing."

Grace has tried lip color in the past, including some purple, pink, and red mattes from Colourpop. "I loved them to be honest," she said. "But I ended up giving away the hot red and hot pink because I was told too many times that it didn't look good." After that, she stopped wearing color lipstick and deleted all of the pictures of her wearing it from her Instagram page.

@n0bleprincess / Via

Having big, full lips has become a hot new "trend" in white mainstream culture, but that hasn't really encouraged Grace to embrace her own lips. "The whole Kylie Jenner lip look blew up and I felt that hers looked much better than mine," she admitted. "I feel as though my lips look bloated with lipstick."

Well now that Grace's got the #FentyBeauty sisterhood riding for her and her gorgeous natural full lips, is she finally ready to give red another go? "I'm thinking I'm gonna try it and then just show them!" she said.

And ICYWW, Fenty Beauty has spoken to Grace about sending her a Stunna lip paint, so it looks like this thing is gonna happen! Until then, we'll make do with this bomb-ass pic that proves once and for all that red lipstick was actually, factually invented for black girls with full lips.

Grace Boye

Here's a pic of Grace wearing Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss in Fire. She's only worn this shade once before deciding to retire it. But then she took a brave leap and brought it back out just for this post :)


GRACE FINALLY GOT HER STUNNA, Y'ALL!!! She posted a pic of herself rocking the red lip on Instagram and wrote the sweetest caption about this entire experience.

"Thank you all for your support. Now that I am embracing my African culture, my blackness, I feel ecstatic," Grace wrote. "My father is Ghanain and my mother is a Black American Muslimah. I respect my parents and appreciate them. I have the privilege of knowing exactly were I come from. Knowing that these full lips of mine came naturally. Yes, I was called "Big lips" before, but now as I embrace my blackness, my African Culture, I accept who I am. Islam has always played a major role in my life as well, and I thank my parents for giving me such a rich life, and now that I am older, I accept who I am, full lips and all. We all sometimes need a little push to fully embrace who we are and I am thankful for the hundreds of you who have given me that push."

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