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    17 Stunning Pics That Prove Red Lipstick Was Made For Big Lips

    Issa fact. Look it up!

    1. FIRST OF ALL:

    @cydbee / Via


    @sancia_richie / Via

    3. But really though, her melanin + that red = everything.

    @flossynubian / Via

    4. Ya'll think she can hear my "YAAAAASSSS!!!!" through the computer screen?

    @nnescorner / Via

    5. RIP Me. Cause of death? This.

    @ronkeraji / Via

    6. Didn't know how much I needed a red lip gloss moment in my life until now.

    @sudanidoll / Via

    7. TFW you hit 'em with a smokey ombre just cuz you can.

    @misskenk / Via

    8. I mean, how are other lipstick colors even okay right now?!?

    @nymatang / Via

    9. Even that rose on homegirl's hat is ready to give up.

    @toniolaoye1 / Via

    10. So remind me again why full, red lips are even an issue?

    @florence_baitio / Via

    11. *CRICKETS*

    @jojofine01 / Via

    12. Yeeeah, that's what I thought.

    13. Full lips are handcrafted works of art...

    @paulemellado / Via

    14. ...So red lipstick is really just the bomb ass cherry on top.

    @findingpaola / Via

    15. And anyone who thinks otherwise should prolly RUN to the nearest eye doctor.

    @poutgena / Via

    16. In the meanwhile, I'll be over here basking in the glory of this pretty pucker...

    @luvvie / Via

    17. ...and this perfect pout πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹.

    @n0bleprincess / Via

    FYI, this is Grace, the young woman who wanted to try out the new Fenty Beauty red lipstick Stunna, but was worried her lips were too big. Welllll, the company ended up sending her the lippie and here she is rocking it in all her gorgeous glory!!!


    Fabcoco Berry / Via