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We Discovered The Three Keys To Being Named The World's Most Beautiful Woman By People Magazine

In three easy steps.

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Because to be beautiful is to be featured in an annual list compiled by a super definitive and not-at-all subjective magazine.

Only THREE things, apparently.


We're not saying this is for sure People's benchmark for determining the "World's Most Beautiful Person." But we analyzed the past 27 honorees — the award was first given out in 1990 — and found three overarching traits.

1. Be famous.


Fame, in this case, means the person in question meets at least ONE of the following criteria: (1) being so hot right now/media darling of the year, (2) having a leading or supporting role in a trending, buzzy American blockbuster film, and (3) being an overall international household name and mega superstar.

Like most lists, there are exceptions.

Or, if you're Beyoncé ~Fucking~ Knowles.


In the 27-year history of the list, Halle Berry (2003), Beyonce Knowles (2012), and Lupita Nyong'o (2014) are the only black women to have topped it.

Exception 2: Be Latina — but only if you're one of the world's most influential, history-making triple-threat performers of all time.


Jennifer Lopez is the only Latinx person to have been named the World's Most Beautiful person (2011).

Exception 3: Be a white man — but only if you're one of the highest paid actors of all time.


Of the 27 past winners, a whopping 24 were women. Probably because being beautiful is something women are told to aspire to since birth. But, never known to be excluded, white men have been known to lead the "Most Beautiful" pack: Mel Gibson (1996), Tom Cruise (1997), and Leonardo DiCaprio (1998) were all knighted "Most Beautiful," too.

When in doubt, just be Jennifer Aniston or Michelle Pfeiffer.

Or, even better, be Julia Roberts, a record FIVE-TIME winner and ipso facto the MOSTEST beautiful woman in the whole wide world.

We would include Julia's fourth "Most Beautiful Person" cover from 2000, but the publicity team at People told us it's "restricted." Such mystery. Much beauty.


Oops! Julia Roberts was named People's "Most Beautiful Person" for the fourth time in 2010. A previous version of this post misstated the date.

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