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Cisgender Men, Tell Us The Ways You've Personally Benefitted From An Abortion

"It was very emotionally difficult, but it was just objectively and obviously the best decision. I can't imagine living in a world where that wasn't an option."

In the wake of Georgia and Alabama's newly-signed abortion laws, people with uteruses are sharing how they've personally benefited from the procedure in hopes of removing its social stigma.

@BusyPhilipps Because of my abortion 16 years ago, I was able to address my mental health issues, finish college, graduate law school, have two beautiful children that I prioritize. I am now the (1st POC) ED of @naraltx where we fight for abortion rights in Texas. @AbortionStories #YouKnowMe

You can read 27 abortion stories inspired by Busy Philipps' viral hashtag #YouKnowMe Hashtag here.

Which begs the question for our cisgender men readers: how have YOU personally benefited from an abortion?

Instead of having a 16 year who hates me because I wasn’t ready to be a dad at 20, I have a 3 year old who still thinks I’m cool. Oh and I have a career and a life I enjoy quite a lot. This is fucked. Men who have benifited from abortion need to speak up.

Maybe you weren't ready to be a parent at a young age...

Idk if #YouKnowMe applies, but my girlfriend and I had a surprise pregnancy back in the day. We loved each other very much but we were just too young to be parents. We felt it would have meant giving up on our dreams. She decided to get an abortion. Thank god she had the choice.

...or maybe you just weren't ready to be a parent, period.

I was 22. My girlfriend at the time found out she was pregnant. We were in no position to keep, let alone have, a baby. It was her decision, but it ultimately benefitted me too. I know I’m far from being the only guy with a story like this so I hope more men speak up. #YouKnowMe

Perhaps you "didn't have room" to expand your family...

The IUD failed 8 months after the birth of our second. My wife was in physical therapy from giving birth and had badly damaged kidneys. We didn't have room for three. We still mourn for what happened. I wish it had never happened. But we have no regrets. #YouKnowMe #ProChoice

...Or you had to consider other factors, like birth defects, death, and your emotional wellbeing.

When my wife was pregnant the second time our unborn son was diagnosed with anencephaly. If he survived being born he would have lived in horrible pain for a few months, then died. She decided she didn't to put him or us through that and it was 100% the right choice. #youknowme

It's also possible that the timing and situation just weren't right.

It’s not just women. As a man I was part of an abortion as well, way back. The time and situation weren’t right for this baby to be born. It’s never an easy decision, for either of the two of us. But to this day I am convinced it was the better choice for the child. #YouKnowMe

As you can see, people with uteruses aren't the only ones who've benefitted from abortions, whether it be an emotional benefit, an economical benefit, an educational or professional benefit, or all of the above.

@taffyakner My girlfriend had an abortion when we were both 18. It was very emotionally difficult, but it was just objectively obviously the best decision. I can't imagine living in a world where that wasn't an option.

So, if you would like to share how and why an abortion has personally benefitted you, as a person without a uterus, please tell us your story in the comment box below. Feel free to include as little or as much detail as you'd like.

#YouKnowMe When I was 18 years old my then girlfriend had an abortion. What a fantastic decesion. How life changing .We are both in our mid 60s I know life is better for both of us as a result of her bravery. I can not imagine life without my wife of 30 years19 yr son

Some responses will be featured in future BuzzFeed post.


This post has been updated to acknowledge that trans men, non-binary people, genderqueer, and other gender-plural people also undergo abortions.