A Man Who Caught Rapper Meek Mill's Attention On Twitter Is Proof That Hard Work And Big Dreams Pay Off

    "Where is this guy at...the game needs you!!!!"

    If you're a music producer, chances are you'd jump at the opportunity to make some fire beats for Meek Mill.

    Well, thanks to some social network magic, DJ Tr!zzyTr@ck scored the chance to work with the Philly rapper after one of his mind-blowing finger beat sessions went viral on Twitter.

    It wasn't long before people started proposing rappers who'd body the beat. Twitter user @GuyWitThe nominated Meek...

    Yo give this to @MeekMill https://t.co/lGVbH0Uu8V

    Meek immediately got the memo ("1000's of people" had tagged him), but there was one issue: the original tweet didn't include DJ Tr!zzyTr@ck's Twitter handle!

    Where is thing guy at ... the game needs you!!!! https://t.co/vPHf5tyf2L

    Thankfully, DJ Tr!zzyTr@ck stays ready, because he answered Meek's call in three minutes flat!

    I'm right here g! #Practice https://t.co/tv8mNqAddf

    The result? A personal invitation to Meek's studio...

    Come to the kitchen and let’s cook ... you got more of this type 🔥🔥🔥? https://t.co/dtoCgTZROQ

    Mmhmmm🥋👏🏿 https://t.co/SdWnbLQEPi

    ...and possibly even more Twitter-sourced collabs, as seen in this long thread of passionate DJs and producers shooting their shots.

    Ima make some fiya from scrolling on twitter 🔥🔥 watch lol

    A happy ending? We love to see it.

    This dude posted a producer making a beat, then everyone tagged Meek Mill and now Meek says that he wants this beat. This is how we should support each other... THIS GUY IS ON NOW !! https://t.co/KHjV4tbN35