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Issa Rae Just Revealed When Insecure's Coming Back, So Be A Good Friend And Tell The Group Chat

Issa Rae's hit show "Insecure" comes back to HBO this August!

So it's been exactly 298 days since Insecure last aired and, TBQH, I dunno know how I've survived this long without it.

HBO / Via

But guess what y'all? The wait is over. Issa Rae graciously dropped a video on Twitter revealing the show's official return date: AUGUST 12!!!

We heard you wanna date? #InsecureHBO


And the "Heyyy! What's your HBO password again?" texts.

Issa was clearly in a giving mood, cuz she had her amazing castmates reveal what questions they got asked the most. Apparently everybody and their mama asks Yvonne Orji why her boss-ass character Molly is "such a mess."

Twitter: @IssaRae / Via Twitter: @IssaRae

And people keep asking Natasha Rothwell if she's actually like her HILARIOUS character Kelly in real life.

Twitter: @IssaRae / Via Twitter: @IssaRae

It's called ACTING people!!!

As for Amanda Seales's bougie character Tiffany? "WHO IS YOUR BABY DADDY???"

Twitter: @IssaRae / Via Twitter: @IssaRae

Guess we'll just have to wait until August to find out!

Twitter: @IssaRae / Via Twitter: @IssaRae
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