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Which Famous Character's Hair And Makeup Look Are You STILL Obsessed With?

*Pauses Netflix to copy a sick ~lewk~*

Movies and TV shows always have the most iconic beauty looks.

Fandago Movieclips / Via

Case in point: Pam Grier as Foxy Brown.

Like this sweet, shimmering look that Danielle de Barbarac donned for the ball in Ever After.

20th Century Fox / Via

And this sickening royal beat on Queen of the Damned's Akasha.

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

Let's not forget about the Cruella De Vil's iconic two-toned hair and classic red lip...

Disney / Via

...Or the quintessential sultry look rocked by Paro in Devdas.

Mega Bollywood Pvt LTD / Via

So tell us in the comments below: What are your fave TV and film beauty looks from the past and present, and why do you love them?

Disney / Via

Did they influence how you wear makeup? Did they introduce you to a new product? We wanna know it all. The best responses may be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video!