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    I Tried Wearing Padded Underwear For A Bigger Booty And This Is What Happened

    Cuz there's no such thing as too much booty.

    What's good, party people?! I'm Patrice, and I'm a beauty writer at BuzzFeed... Oh yeah, and I'm an expert booty hacker too!!!

    I've tried tons of booty hacks over the years, but ya know what I'd never tested until recently? PADDED UNDERWEAR!!! So I decided to follow my dreams and give two popular bootylicious undies a test drive.

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    First up was the BubbleBuns Padded Bikini Panty from Bubbles Bodywear. This pair retails for $34 and comes with a set of size "regular" foam pads that you insert into the panty pockets. I wanted max ass, tho, so I ordered four of the next size up, "thick," and inserted two in each pocket.

    I went ahead and wore the padded panties AND my trusty short shorts together, because you can never have too much booty IMHO. From the front, it's business as usual. But from the baaack...ZAMNNNNNN!!!

    I had a spa date with my homegirl Khwezi that weekend, and wanted to see if she'd notice anything different. And she didn't...until I turned around. Boy, was she shook!!!

    Next up was Feel Foxy's Formed Butt Enhancer, which retails for $36. Available in black and nude, these undies feature 1.5 inches of built-in thick foam padding and are pre-molded, so they keep their shape. There weren't any promises made on the website, but the company has been featured on Good Morning America. So I figured, why not?

    I slipped on one of my fave booty hack dresses for this test drive. This clingy dress has always been really generous with my small curves, so I knew these undies would take it to the next level. Mission accomplished!!!

    As for the feel, the Formed Butt Enhancer undies kinda felt like a dense memory foam, just like the BubbleBuns did. And my BF Tian Jun got the same vibes, I guess, because he thought it felt like "a big pillow."

    Later that day, I met up with another friend who was DJ'ing at a day party and tested these babies out on the dance floor.

    So is padded underwear worth it?

    It's worth it if...

    *You REALLY want a bigger butt. Know that there's much more to self-confidence than body image, but you totally have the right to experiment with your body and look. If padded underwear makes you feel good, it's definitely worth giving it a go.

    * You're curious about getting a bigger booty and want to know what you'd look like with one, especially if you're considering surgical enhancements.

    *You're willing and able to drop a couple dozen dollars on underwear.

    It's not worth it if...

    *You want something that feels and moves like a real booty.

    *You want something permanent that you won't have to put on and take off daily.

    You can check out BubbleBuns Padded Bikini Panty at Bubbles Bodywear for $34 and Feel Foxy's Formed Butt Enhancer for $36.

    Alrighty, that's all, folks! Lemme know in the comment section below if there are any other beauty hacks or products out there that you want me to test drive before you spend those $$$.