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People Are Freaking TF Out Over This Cheap Two-Ingredient Body Highlighter Dupe

Be stingy with your coins, NOT your glow!

Summer's almost here, so y'all know what that means. TIME. TO. GLOW! / Via Mariya

There are tons of fan-fave body luminizers out there that'll have you glowing like the goddess you are, like Fenty Beauty's Body Lava and BECCA's Shimmering Skin Perfector. But if you're a beauty lover on a budget, we've got an alternative for ya, compliments of genius Twitter user leaahluv.

Beauty on a budget ✨ we flourishing all summer sis ☀️💫🍫

Twitter: @leaahluv / Via @leaahluv

All you'll need is some oil...

Twitter: @leaahluv / Via @leaahluv

Aleah used baby oil in her video, but other Twitter users suggested almond oil as a natural option.

...And your favorite highlighter.

Twitter: @leaahluv / Via @leaahluv

You simply add 'em together, like so:

Twitter: @leaahluv / Via @leaahluv

And you've got glowy, dewy skin for DAYS!

Twitter: @leaahluv / Via @leaahluv

This hella resourceful tweet's racked up more than 60,000 likes, so it's safe to say we're gonna be flourishing and living our best luminous lives allll summer long.

Twitter: @leaahluv / Via @leaahluv
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