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    17 Hilarious Pics That'll Make Any Makeup Lover With A Dog Say "Yup, Pretty Much"

    "So you're gonna wanna take your paw and lightly tap your base shadow like this..."

    1. This pooch who just wanted to swatch in peace.

    2. This beauty who was rudely interrupted during her #GRWM tutorial.

    3. This canine who's about to do a sickening cut crease.

    4. This MUA who's currently not accepting any new clients.

    5. And these vloggers who totally nailed the best friend makeup challenge.

    6. This good boy who's plotting his next wig snatch.

    7. This cutie who's all like "Kylie Jenner? I don't know her."

    My stepsisters dog ate her lipstick I'm crying 😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂💋🐶

    8. This doggo who blended for the gawds.

    My dog just ate my makeup sponge & I tried to get mad but just look. 😭

    Instagram: @tm_pocketdiva

    9. And this pro who said, "Eff paws. We using brushes over here."

    Someone ate my #makeupbrush #guilty #instadog #dog #aussieshepherd #aussie #petsoftwitter #dogsoftwitter #pet…

    10. This pup who knows the power of a red lip.

    11. This savage who doesn't give AF about a name brand.

    My dog has just eaten a MAC lipstick, at least she has good taste 😂😂

    12. This sweetie who's sorry she finished your lip gloss.


    13. And this beauty lover who's got zero fucks about her makeup addiction.

    My dog just licks the couch. Glad she doesn't run around the yard looking like a harlot! Lol. #pets #makeup…

    14. This pup who's gonna need to make a Sephora run real soon.

    Leave my dog for one minute and she destroys my Sunburst @ABHcosmetics highlighter fml

    15. This doggy who's all about a low-maintenance ~lewk~.

    Apparently my dog loves my makeup so much he raided my purse....ugh! #dogestsmakeup #ofra #toofaced

    16. This pooch who wasn't feeling this shade.

    I leave my dog alone for 5 minutes and he eats my lipstick. #Smalls

    17. And this self-taught hound who now has 2.5 million IG followers and her very own collection of palettes dropping next month.

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