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    17 Before-And-After Pics That Prove You Look Like A Different Person With A Beard

    Who even are you?!

    1. Ain't no makeover like a facial hair makeover.

    @eyup_bolatli / Via

    2. Whether you shave it all off...

    @davidanicholas / Via

    3. ...Or grow it like there's no tomorrow.

    @deskisstrength / Via

    4. Been thinking about rocking a new ~lewk~? Getchu' a beard!

    @imrnova / Via Instagram: @imrnova

    5. Wanna flex your flawless bone structure real quick? Snip, snip, snip!

    @simon_ttial / Via

    6. But let's talk about how this abundant beard really brings out those dreamy eyes.

    @mattswifty / Via Instagram: @mattswifty

    7. While this one showcases those textured waves and poppin' curls.

    @aroperfit / Via Instagram: @aroperfit

    8. I mean I guess being beardless does have one MAJOR perk.

    @taylorleafnigh / Via Instagram: @taylorleafnigh

    9. You spend less time grooming your face and more time taking dope split screen selfies, like this.

    @kayparmar / Via

    10. Plus, nailing the perfect beard can sometimes take years!

    @bikerdudeblr / Via

    11. Who are we kidding?! Looking like a completely different person is so worth it!

    @kjandreassen / Via

    12. A beard can take you from neosoul to trapsoul.

    @tha_3dge / Via Instagram: @tha_3dge

    13. From Disney Channel to HBO.

    14. From somebody's son to certified ~zaddy~.

    @malikanmol / Via Instagram: @malikanmol

    15. Basically, a real nice beard = a glow up.

    @_HernAnthony / Via Instagram: @_HernAnthony

    Literally, in this guy's case.

    16. Definitely feel free to rock your face however you feel.

    @beardedmanliness / Via Instagram: @beardedmanliness

    17. But just never forget the power of a good ol' fashion beard!

    @jjowen87 / Via Instagram: @jjowen87


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