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    Farsali Just Announced A New Jelly Highlighter And Here's What It Looks (and Feels) Like

    Get ready for some gooey, glowy goodness!

    LISTEN UP BEAUTY ADDICTS: Farsali is about to drop a new jelly highlighter and you need it in your makeup collection ASAP!

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    Jelly Beam is the best of both worlds because it applies like jelly, but sets like a powder. The result is a smooooth wet-satin finish that won't budge.

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    It's also super concentrated, which means you can achieve anywhere from a soft, subtle shimmer to a hella radiant, extra AF shine.

    Jelly Beam goes on sale on November 1 at, but we actually got a chance to try out this gooey, glowy goodness first and give you the real.

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    First we mixed together a small amount of Jelly Beam with Farsali's cult-fave Rose Gold elixir...

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    ...And then gently pat the creamy mixture on to Yanise's cheekbones, chin, and nosebridge for a soft, illuminated glow.

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    Next, we decided to try out an all over body glow on me, so we mixed up some more elixir and Jelly Beam and went to town. And lemme tell ya'll, the glow was everything!

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    This fun highlighter also works with your favorite lippie...

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    ...And with your fave eyeshadow. Get into this smokey shimmer please!

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