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17 Halloween Makeup Before-And-Afters That'll Make You Say "Damn! That's Good"

Halloween, but make it fashion.

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1. This Joker who's obvi coming to steal your girl.

@sarahmcgbeauty / Via

2. And this Harley Quinn who's right behind her.

@shalom_blac / Via

3. Okay her face is beat to the gods but she's also Lucifer. How exactly does that work?!

@tiaslayy / Via

4. We'd be sad too if we had to wash off all this gorgeousness at the end of the night :(

@aryunatardis / Via

5. This fortune teller already knew she'd slay us with her look.

@chromatosebycg / Via

6. Only a dope makeup artist could make something so gory look so good.

@sugarxvenom / Via

7. Further proof that fire makeup skills can upgrade any Halloween classic.

@andreyhaseraphin / Via

8. And so can sparkly gems...

@bangtsikitsiki / Via

9. ...Like, A LOT of sparkly gems.

@_kyleeeee / Via

10. Is this a mermaid or an Instagram baddie who lives under the sea and takes bomb-ass selfies? You decide.

@niaseemua / Via

11. TFW you're a talented makeup artist who LIVES for drama.

@graceonyourdash / Via

12. Dorothy was pressed about her shoes when she shoulda been getting contour tips from the Wicked Witch...

@jheartsmakeup / Via

13. ...And lash hookups from the Scarecrow.

@bangtsikitsiki / Via

14. Shout out to this pretty lady for not eating her sweet, sweet look.

@ambra_lasha / Via

15. And to this princess warrior for flexing her beauty superpowers real quick.

@jayceegan / Via

16. Yes, this vampire is undead. And, yes, she's giving you life with that sickening smokey cat eye.

@sarahgraymua / Via

17. Okay so what have we learned today, class? HALLOWEEN WAS MADE FOR MAKEUP LOVERS!

@eristheplanet/ / Via