People Are Tweeting About Netflix's "Russian Doll" And I Died From Laughter Then Came Back To Life

    "Watching Russian Doll instead of the Super Bowl is the best decision I’ve made in 2019 thus far."

    1. If you didn't spend the weekend binging Netflix's new mystery series Russian Doll, AKA the best show on TV, here's a quick recap:

    2. And if you don't mind a few ~spoilers~, here ya go:

    russian doll spoilers without context

    Okay that's all I'm gonna spill because, trust me, you're gonna wanna experience all of the show's twists and turns with a fresh eye.

    3. People are loving the critically-acclaimed series, so much so that they've been sharing a ton of inside jokes on Twitter, like this Oscar-worthy reenactment of Nadia's bobbed bestie Maxine...

    "Sweet birthday baby!!!"

    4. ...And this one of Nadia being fed TF up.

    nadia in russian doll when she reappeared in the bathroom for the 47th time @nlyonne @RussianDoll

    5. This clip from the Russian Doll X Family Guy crossover episode that maybe exists in a parallel universe?

    Nadia trying to survive the stairs on Russian Doll like... #RussianDoll

    6. And this GIF that made me LOL as I climbed down my fire escape.

    Me going down the stairs after watching Russian Doll on Netflix. #RussianDoll

    7. This clever tweet that I can't wait to pretend I noticed myself.

    Also Russian Doll is great but is that party happening on a Sunday night? Are these people all out of their fucking minds?

    8. This video showing never-before-seen footage of what was prolly happening on the other side of Maxine's trippy bathroom door.

    those girls outside the bathroom in russian doll that just rly need to pee @nlyonne

    9. This confirmation that you're not the only one who wanted Nadia and Alan to GET. IT. ON.

    In #RussianDoll, when Alan turned to Nadia at the bar and said, “I could fuck you better than Mike”.

    10. This emoji art that'll resonate with anyone who's only just now realizing that Natasha Lyonne is actually 5'3".

    #RussianDoll Alan and Nadia be like @nlyonne @_CharlieBarnett 👦🏽 /👔\ | 💍 | | | | 👩🏻‍🦰 | /📿\ | 🚬 | 🕶 / \ / \ 👟👟 💼 👠👠 🐈

    11. And this tweet that'll make you go "Gotta get up, gotta get out, gotta get home before the MORNINGGGG comes!"

    If #RussianDoll has taught me anything, it’s all the lyrics to “Gotta Get Up”

    12. There's also this stroke of genius.

    Watching Russian Doll instead of the Super Bowl is the best decision I’ve made it 2019 thus far thank u @nlyonne

    13. This tweet that explains why the show's such a MOOD.


    14. And this selfie I took right after watching the cinematic masterpiece that is the season finale.

    Me watching #RussianDoll in one sitting

    Russian Doll is now streaming on Netflix so run to your nearest viewing device and watch it! Just be careful on the stairs...