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9 Things Students Can Relate To On Valentine´s Day !

So, it's that time of the year again... #ESCPEuropeLove

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1. When did you first meet?

Isabel: 3rd of October

Ramon: I think it was at the end of Summer

2.What’s your age difference ?

Isabel: Age is not important to me

Ramon: I’m definitely younger. But I’m into the more experienced ones

3. What’s the best thing about your relationship?

Isabel: I learn a lot everyday

Ramon: We both need €€€ach other

4. What would you change?

Isabel: I wish we lived closer

Ramon: We see each other way too much

5. What makes this relationship different from the others?

Isabel: I´ve never met someone so passionate

Ramon: That we’re internationals and enjoy being with people of different cultures and travel around the world

6. Can we enter a more detailed topic? What’s your favourite position?

Isabel: Well… I’m very open minded, I can work with anything, don’t mind

Ramon: I like being In the back. For sure!

7. What is the perfect date for you?

Isabel: A nice picnic on the outside, on a grass field surrounded by trees...

Ramon: Partying always!!

8. What are you looking forward to in your future together?

Isabel: Hope we can go to many places …. Paris, London, Berlin….

Ramon: I would like to use the contacts she has for getting a good job…

9. Could you show me a picture of you two together?

YES !!

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