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The Real Story Behind Canada's Murder For Lobster

Two years ago, in a small Nova Scotian village, a local troublemaker and lobster thief went missing, and three lobstermen eventually confessed to his vicious murder. Had this trickster finally gotten what was coming to him, or was the real story — and what it said about this community — something much more tragic?

Peter Andrey Smith 4 years ago

The Girl Who Survived The Brain-Eating Amoeba

One year ago, Kali Hardig went swimming at an Arkansas water park and the next day was rushed to the hospital where doctors diagnosed her with a rare, 99% fatal condition: a brain-eating amoeba. This is the miraculous story of how she lived.

Peter Andrey Smith 5 years ago

The Eel World: Inside Maine's Wild Elver Turf War

In an economically depressed Maine county, Bill Sheldon is the kingpin of a $40 million baby-eel industry that may be doomed to extinction. Find out what happens when a community full of armed fishermen and elver dealers stop being polite and start getting real.

Peter Andrey Smith 6 years ago