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10 Sins Of The South That Yankees Don't Understand

There's more separating the North and the South than just geography, y'all. Cross these lines, though, and you'll definitely wish you hadn't.

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4. Koozie-free beers.

Solo, with others / CC BY http://2.0 / Flickr: solo_with_others

Koozies as wedding gifts. Koozies as beer gloves. Koozies as golf gloves. Koozies as barbecue mementos. Koozies as baby shower gifts. Koozies as life.

5. Not keeping up with the season's hottest trends in blaze orange or camouflage.

Hunting is a lifestyle, not a hobby.

6. Making any kind of fall Friday night plans that don't involve bleachers, calling referees' names, and wearing the same colors as everyone around you.

9. Passing up Cheerwine anything.

Where do you even get the audacity to say no to Cheerwine? The heathen North, that's where.

But for sins anyone can understand, tune in to CMT's Party Down South on Thursday, January 16, 10/9c.

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