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22 Adorable Baby Costumes That Will Definitely Get You Into The Halloween Spirit

From tiny animals to mini movie characters, turn up the "aww"-factor this year.

1. This Ghostbusters Stay Puft Marshmallow Man costume that's puffy, fluffy, and oh-so cute.

baby in the stay puft costume from ghostbusters, sailor outfit

2. This Winnie-The-Pooh costume that's as sweet as honey.

baby in fluffy winnie the pooh costume

3. This baby skunk costume that's just so stinkin' cute.

baby in black and white skunk costume

4. This baby lamb costume that's baa-utiful and soft.

5. This Space Jam 2 uniform that will have them dribbling (literally).

todder in basketball uniform from space jam

6. This tiny tiger costume that's perfect for the little hunter who loves to be on the crawl.

baby in tiger costume

7. This dinosaur costume that'll bring their favourite prehistoric creature to life.

todder in green dino costume

8. This Jack Jack costume that's perfect for your energetic babe.

9. This baby Wonder Woman costume for your little superhero.

10. This unicorn costume that'll make this Halloween simply magical.

11. This baby monkey costume that everyone will go bananas over.

baby in monkey costume holding a banana

12. This Baby Yoda costume that's the Force behind all your cute Insta photos.

todder in baby yoda costume with robe

13. This mini cow costume that's udder-ly adorable.

baby sitting with cow costume

14. This Princess Leia costume that'll make your tot the cutest in the galaxy.

15. This not-so-spooky jack-o'-lantern costume that'll squash the competition for the cutest costume contest.

baby sitting dressed like a jack o lantern

16. This Elmo costume that'll tickle their fancy.

baby dressed like elmo

17. This baby skeleton costume that is just tutu sweet.

18. This Gizmo costume that'll help them tap into their mischievous side.

baby dressed like a brown gremlin

19. This tiny turtle costume that gets them looking swell in a shell.

baby dressed in a turtle costume

20. This Cowardly Lion costume that'll make them the mane attraction.

21. This little penguin costume for them to waddle around in.

22. This fluffy sloth costume that's basically their spirit animal.

baby sitting wearing sloth costume

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All images provided by Party City Canada.