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A thread that explain why Paris Hilton hasn't aged since 2001.

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Paris Hilton was the first, the original, practically the inventor of the words 'influencer' and 'selfie'.

Since her first appearance in 'The Simple Life', Paris Hilton has changed a lot.

Via meanpl

Her fashion sense is obviously different, she basically is the embodiment of the year 2000.

She went from 'dizzy blonde' to 'successful billion dollar business mogul' with more than 20 product lines

She changed her party business, she is now an international DJ that makes more money per gig than deadmau5, Calvin Harries and Tiesto COMBINED! And Paris also has a DJ residency in the hottest club the the world AMNESIA Ibiza for the 5th year.

But one thing has stayed the same...



What is her beauty secret? How has she remained this flawless and young for almost two decades?

Well... I did a little research on the web

And THE PARIS HILTON HISTORY INSTUTUTE found out something incredible...

Paris Whitney Hilton is in fact... AN ALIEN!!!

Yes, you read it right, an ALIEN!

And you may be wondering... HOW?

Well... Paris Hilton is NOT any kind of alien, she is in fact a goddess alien.

Paris, being the time-bending interdimensional celestial being that she is, exists solely in a loop of 2001-2007, therefor her appearance will never change

She made us believe that she was a dizzy blonde in 'The Simple Life' to hide her alien intelligence.

But something has failed, her global success and business empire has made everyone aware of the great mind behind her platinum hair.

Sorry Paris, you cannot deny your incredible alien nature.

Now all we have to wait is for Paris Hilton to take over the world (like... she hasn't already?)

Paris is the queen of everything. Everything she touches turns into gold and automatically becomes trendy and popular.

Now that the truth is finally out, do not miss the chance to party with her in Amnesia Ibiza every Sunday from July 2nd to August 27th. Her 'Foam & Diamonds' party is truly OUT OF THIS WORLD.

Thank you Paris for sharing your intergalactic knowledge with humanity.

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