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Let's Figure Out Which Awesome Action Movie You Should Watch Tonight

Lights, camera, ACTION! Find the perfect action movie tonight on Paramount+.


Poster for "Skyfall"

Jack Reacher

Poster for "Jack Reacher"

Gemini Man

Poster for "Gemini Man"


Poster for the movie "Infinite"

Terminator: Dark Fate

Poster for "Terminator: Dark Fate"

The Rhythm Section

Poster for "The Rhythm Section"

Star Trek Beyond

Poster for "Star Trek Beyond"

Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol

Poster for "Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol"

Sonic the Hedgehog

Poster for "Sonic the Hedgehog"

It's a great night for an action flick and Paramount+ has over a thousand great movies to choose from. So find your favorite one tonight and start streaming — FOR FREE!