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    A Definitive Ranking Of The Best And Worst Animal Crossing Animals

    If you've been reliving your childhood by playing the new phone app version of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, I'm sure you've come to some collective conclusions about all the animals. Here is my ranking, or as I would call it, a Definitive Ranking, of the best and worst animals I have encountered so far.

    10. Beau

    Via Nintendo

    Beau is the sad boy of all of our dreams. He always wears an ugly Christmas sweater, which is really millennial and you can tell he went to art school. At friendship level of 15 he gives you a bonfire, which means that he wants you to sit with him next to it while you read poetry and cry together. His favorite band is most likely Bon Iver, but he will insist that "you've probably never heard of them."

    9. Apollo

    Via Nintendo

    Apollo seems nice, but he always asks for tiger butterflies all and he definitely knows how difficult those are to come by. He is also a bald eagle which is a bird that literally looks like a frat boy on the way to prove his masculinity at the gym.

    8. Raddle

    Via Nintendo

    Raddle is definitely one of those TV heads from Saga. He cannot be trusted.

    7. Cheri

    Via Nintendo

    She has a ridiculous white suburban mom spelling of the name Cherry, so we aren't even going to get into this.

    6. Punchy

    Via Nintendo

    Punchy looks like he is constantly giving me a side eye and I can't tell if it is unwanted flirting or if he is just really that relaxed all the time. Not great, buddy.

    5. Apple

    Via Nintendo

    Apple is the cutest pink hamster who also resembles a strawberry that any of us have ever seen. She only wants polka dot furniture which matches her shirt and that is an On Brand objective.

    4. Kid Cat

    Via Nintendo

    Kid Cat is THE CUTEST and he is CLEARLY just trying to live his best life because he wants to be the best there ever was. His determination is adorable and he is going to save the world from all the villains. I am here for him.

    3. Carrie

    Via Nintendo

    Carrie is a full-time single mom who is not messing around. She is always there for her child and you can tell when she asks you to fill your camp with toys. Carrie is the Animal Woman of the Year and she deserves all the praise she can get.

    2. Cherry

    Via Nintendo

    Cherry is an early-2000s Goth Dog with a true sense of fashion. She has some Twiggy-inspired lashes going on and has a spiderweb on her shirt. She is fuschia with black spots, which let's us know she is bad ass. At friendship level 10, she gives you a convertible sports car. She wants to make SURE you are living your best life.

    1. Goldie

    Via Nintendo

    Goldie is a revolutionary. She is all about the naps and she does not base her value on her productivity. We have a leader in the works over here and she will ALWAYS have a place at my camp.

    What are your rankings of these animals with very specific furniture tastes?

    (All photos are personal screenshots, but content belongs to Nintendo).

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