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10 Ways To Upgrade Your Apartment So It Looks Elegant AF

From blah to oooh-la-la!

1. Class up your space with a softer color scheme.

2. Easily upgrade your kitchen table with a classy tablecloth or runner.

3. Get inspired by nature to create a relaxing atmosphere.

4. Keep your side tables and nightstands tidy — too many knickknacks can make your home seem cluttered.

5. Step up your decorating game with a swanky wall gallery.

6. Simply adding a chic shower curtain and some plush towels can totally transform your bathroom.

7. Throw in some patterned pillows to make a simple room look more sophisticated.

8. Make your space bolder and brighter by adding a mirror!

9. Splurge on a stylish throw to give your couch an instant makeover.

10. Remember, quality over quantity!

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