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    8 Silver Foxes You Prolly Haven't Seen A Birjillion Times

    I love Anderson Cooper, Aiden Brady, and George Cloony; but ZOMG let there be some light shone on a few other fine faces!

    We can all appreciate a fine older gentleman. TBH we're all going to get there one day anyways... well, ok not ALL of us but you get the point... ANYWHOOO!!!... For those unaware of what a silver fox is, it's this...

    Aww squee, so damn cute!

    As well as this...

    Via In my stash labeled "n0t pr0nz"

    Also... Aww squee, so damn cute! Anthony Varrecchia, aka the definition of "Daddy".


    You start to see the same faces frequently when you are a Silver Fox Connoisseur, such as Moi.

    Fear not though! I have brought you new Silver Foxes to drool over. So without further adieu I present you with....

    Hugo Woddis

    Via In my stash labeled "n0t pr0nz"

    This fellow is a DJ, athlete, and model from England. He can also normally be found at Burning Man.

    Mads Mikkelsen

    Via In my stash labeled "n0t pr0nz"

    I don't think most people realize that this gifted Danish Actor has gone a beautiful steely gray over the years.

    David Ginola

    Via In my stash labeled "n0t pr0nz"

    David Ginola is a very famous retired French footballer, who can now be seen hosting "Incroyable Talent" on M6.

    Henry Rollins

    Via In my stash labeled "n0t pr0nz"

    I know it's kinda odd to think of Henry Rollins as a Silver Fox, but I'll fite you IRL. This author, musician and Spoken Word Artist has been quite prolific through the years.

    Johan (like Madonna or Cher it seems to be a mononym)

    Via In my stash labeled "n0t pr0nz"

    This one is a sweet-as-cream Scandinavian model. I've never been able to find much on him but he always has such a warm, kind smile.

    John Nightingale

    Via In my stash labeled "n0t pr0nz"

    A bespoke gentleman represented by several large modeling agencies. That sees to really be it. He's hot, but to be fair he seems to be incredibly good at it.

    Remco & Aad Van Der Linden

    Via In my stash labeled "n0t pr0nz"

    This Dutch father/son duo often model together. Remco is the younger, Aad the elder. They are absolutely adorable to see modeling together and you can tell they really love what they do.


    Via In my stash labeled "d3f pr0nz"

    Because Remco's eyes are to die for. They are summer sky blue.

    So there you go!

    My list of some pedigree fox! If you hate my picks, remember I'm not paid to do this before you @ me. I'm just doing the internet a favor, because there just isn't enough Silver Fox love in this precious world.

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