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10 Packets Of Biscuits That Are Very Important In England (Probably)

I'm really into biscuits. They're shiny, cheap and come in rectangular shaped packages that you can stack up to the top of the cupboard. No two biscuits are alike and you should try every single one to call yourself a true biscuit connoisseur. Here's some of the most important biscuits:

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Maryland Biscuits

Maryland / Via

Maryland biscuits are basically chocolate cookies only tiny and in biscuit form. It's hard to find a company to rival Maryland's brand however, which is probably why you see these packets in every supermarket. I recently found one though - try Sainsbury's own brand!

Rich Tea Biscuits

Metro UK / Via

Rich tea is kind of like tea compared with coffee (if coffee was a digestive). While I love tea as much as the next British person coffee (or digestives) is clearly the superior being.

Party Ring Biscuits

Party Rings / Via

The staple of any British kid's birthday party to be honest. The owners of these biscuits have not so sneakily been making these biscuits smaller and smaller over the years, another victim of British price gouging.

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