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11 Perfect Care Packages For New College Freshmen

Needed during the exciting but scary first few months of college? PLS SEND CARE PACKAGE. No matter what your freshman is into, we've got you covered.

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For the student who can never get enough sleep, please send:

This Travel Kuppe, so they can have a few extra minutes in bed and drink their coffee on the go!

A Clöudz Polar Fleece Sleevee, so they can nap anywhere, anytime in comfort.

The book Coffee Gives Me Superpowers, so they can relish the drink that gets them through the day.


For the freshman who is at the gym before and after class, please send:

A BlenderBottle sports bottle so they can blend up their protein shake on the go!

These FitDeck cards, so they can customize their workout when they get there.

Boxed Water, so they can stay hydrated and do their part for the environment!


For the freshman who is always up to speed on the latest releases, an aspiring musician, or the first one on the dance floor, please send:

A songwriting notebook to keep on hand for the moments when inspiration strikes.

A headphone cord winder to finally put an end to tangled headphones.

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