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    I'm Mexican, And I Told My Canadian Friends 6 Underrated Spots In Mexico To Travel To

    If you can actually get on a flight right now, there's more to Mexico than Cancún.

    Hey guys! My name is Pao. I'm with BuzzFeed LATAM but have been working closely with the Canadian team. As a thank you for their kindness and friendliness, I'll be spilling some secrets about the best places to visit in Mexico! Because let's be honest, Cancun is crowded and overpriced.

    Girl in front of pyramid

    1. Barrancas del Cobre

    Train going through a green mountain

    2. Mérida

    Women swimming alone in a cenote

    3. Puerto Escondido

    A colorful hammock in front of a beach

    4. Cascada de Tamul

    A canoe in front of a waterfall

    5. Bacalar

    A small villa next to a blue ocean

    6. Dunas de Mexicali

    Golden dunes below a dark blue sky

    Lmk if any of these caught your attention or if you want/need any tips! And in exchange, let me know some of your favourite or unknown places to visit in Canada!